1. My husband and I both gave up alcohol when we originally started out iui's. With that being said, we quit doing alot of things in preparation for ivf and some of it may be over kill but I wanted the best chance possible.

  2. I rarely drink so I can't really speak to this. That said, I had no alcohol from when I went on birth control pills through the BFN.

  3. Ali, it can def affect the mans sperm quality and as sperm r made 3 mos before your DH should cut back now. Our IVF specialist emphasized this. As for the womanhelpmates make your body as receptive to pregnancy and a healthier place to carry babe. Would cut back to no more then a few standard drinks a week. Anything to help increase your chances!!!

  4. I gave up for 3 months before our first IVF (save a few small glasses of wine between Christmas and New Year). We had a really good cycle even though it ended in a BFN. I do attribute our two frozen blastys to me being healthy leading up to the cycle. xx

  5. ok! IVF#1 I gave up the booze for 6 weeks before hand. Hubby half and half. I was doing regular acupuncture and so was the hubs. We got 7 eggs, 4 fertilised and we transferred 1 and two went to blasty. all BFN's but we know that was because of my immune system. IVF #2 13 eggs, 7 fertilised transferred 1 and froze 2 x 8 cell embies. BFN followed by BFP and m/c (we transferred two on my last cycle). Again I did acupuncture, hubby DID NOT and I abstained for about a month before hand.

    Last cycle, went to Vietnam before hand and drank a lot. Once the actual cycle started (injections) I had a couple of drinks, not a lot and during the TWW nothing. no acupuncture only took my antenatal vitamins. hubby nothing.

    Crap response - 4 eggs, 2 fertilised transferred both and super sticky BFP.

    My best result was really IVF#1. If we had known about the NK cells this could be a totally different story.

    It certainly doesn't hurt to give up but remember it is a two way street. Hubby has to be proactive too. But this caused massive fights as I would get so bent out of shape that he wouldn't take his vitamins and got to the point where I couldn't be bothered anymore as it was damaging to both of us. I get the sense your DH might be the same so pick your battles. coincidently same shit with PG. Don't even get me started!

    Also, no exercise during your TWW. This is a killer but honestly it is just not worth it.

    GOOD LUCK. very happy to see things are on the up.