1. Girl, don't bother with the internet on this one. All I did to change my lifestyle in prep for IVF was try to eat more organic and whole foods, and cut out foods with too many chemicals in them. My husband had to give up smoking weed but he still had about 2 drinks a day. I still had the occasional drink up until about a week or two before my retrieval, but I'm not a big drinker anyway. My advice to you is, if it makes you feel good, then do it. Maybe just focus on eating right and exercising. Too much of this internet advice can really drive you crazy.

    1. Jules, you're always so sensible about this stuff. We both always eat healthily, exercise regularly, the only thing that I can think we don't do well is enjoying drinks with friends a little too much. For me to stop drinking is like a personal challenge, it's not a big deal. For my hubby, I know he can cut back easily, but he will probably still have a few drinks each week. And that's forgivable as he is going through a tough time since his Mum doesn't have much longer to live. Everything in moderation (with extra effort put on eating lots of the RIGHT foods) is the key!

  2. I agree with Jules...I am not going through IVF, I've been doing IUI's. The internet can make you crazy. Just take care of yourself, eat healthy, sleep well and be happy! Best of luck to you :)