1. Great research!

    I did not cut out alcohol much in advance of IVF. But I do not drink a lot anyway, maybe 1-3 glasses a week, usually half a glass or a very small glass. But it can only be a good thing to stop sooner, so glad you are doing it.

    It does take an egg 3 mos to grow, sperm regeerates every 24-48 hrs so its less of an issue.

    The other thing that confuses me is caffeiene. Its better to cut down in advance as well.

    This cycle my RE said one 8oz cup of black tea is okay, so I have that and decaf in the evening. In another few days I will switch to both times decaf.

    1. I totally agree about the caffeine thing being confusing. I only normally drink 1 cup a day, and my Doc said that's totally fine. I feel good about my personal challenge of not drinking (the older I get, the harder it is for me to recover - and it always leaves me feeling puffy and bloated).

    2. From what I've read caffeine seems to have the most effect on ovulation. I decided to cut it out almost entirely (but not the wine...). If this one doesn't work, I'm going to have to reconsider.

  2. You are absolutely right about not getting overwhelmed with all the things that can go wrong. I went into this knowing there was a chance that it wouldnt work. Thank you for being such a sweet person.

  3. We did ICSI on our last try. Different clinic and they thought why not. Chippie had good count, great motility but terrible morphology (altho the WHO benchmark has dropped to 4%, if you have less than 15% morphology it could take a while). Morphology is the funny head ones!!

    Anyway, they literally did just that. They took the best looking sperm to inject.

    That is why it doesn't matter if you have bad sperm because ICSI takes natures choice out of it. Think of that what you will.

    In terms of improving sperm quality there is actually a lot they can do to contribute. Zinc being the biggest thing. I really really struggled with Chippie taking vitamins so I would find natural sources like oysters which he loved or sprinkle pumpkin seeds in a salad. A good multivitamin is essential. Reducing caffeine intake (Chippie gave up coke but had one coffee a day, not complaining), healthy lifestyle and definitely no smoking.

    I think I mentioned last time chippie did acupuncture, whilst there may be no significant research I do honestly believe it did help his results. But, again. He had to go and men have a much more flippant approach to it than we do.

  4. Thanks Chon, that's really helpful since I know that your most recent IVF was successful!