1. Glad your appt went well and there is nothing to worry about.
    As to handling stress, a lot of it I try to control by staying organized and by planning so I am not rushing around at the last minute. For stress I cannot control (work,IVF), I turn to exercise. I love walking and live in a pretty wooded area, so I exercise everyday, and if the stress is particularly bad, do some meditation. I also do yoga and have massages regularly.

  2. Stress is evil I tell you. I tried acupuncture and it really seemed to help my stress levels. Even though I wont recommend it for pre-treatment to ivf, I would recommend for stress release.

    Btw I absolutely love your photo wall!

  3. That is a lot to handle. I tend to downplay stress during high stress periods as well, maybe because I'm too focused on all the things I need to do? It doesn't leave enough time to be alone with your worries. I'm not terribly good at coping, although I have heard from Toni and many others that accupuncture works wonders. Massage might be a good release as well, and meditation if you can do it. I usually take long walks if I can find the energy. Somehow I find it calming.

    And, yes, take it one step at a time! Sending you lots of luck!!