1. I am so flipping happy that you guys are almost there on the ivf front. You are absolutely correct when you say that a person cannot prepare for the ups and downs of ivf. I know you will drive yourself crazy thinking about all the things that could go wrong. On the other hand if you dont prepare yourself for that possiblity, you could have a huge upset. Guess you just have to balance them best as possible.

    Hearing updates on your MIL just breaks my heart. I truly hope as she goes through this treatment, she will have more good days then bad.

  2. Congratulations! That is really huge. My best advice is to focus on each small step along the way, and to try to block out as many of the disaster stories you've read in blog-land as you can. IVF is not a guarantee, of course, but obsessing over every thing that could go wrong while injecting yourself with crazy drugs does not lead to good things. Now I say all that having failed at following this advice, but I wish I hadn't!

    Your MIL is in my thoughts. I hope things go as well as they can and that she comes through this phase of her treatment with strength and love.

    1. Anonymous20 May, 2012

      What excellent advice!!! It is SO easy to do that. You are excited...at the same time, we know so much and have read too much...we anticipated all the bad that could go wrong. It is great to be reminded that we will have our own story. It will take on a life completely of its own....so, as you said, we need to just "focus on each small step."

      Good luck to you!!!! Such an exciting time.

  3. WOWOWOWOWOWOW! If you start next month (meaning June) then they will control your cycle to the T and it doesn't matter that your cycles are normally long. Your cycle will suddenly be on their calendar and you'll get to check off the days. SO EXCITING! YEAH!!!

  4. Yay, you're so close now! HAHAHA glad to see the scary tan lady made it all the way to Australia. Isn't she gross??

  5. I am so happy that it's almost here! It's hard to plan for everything, and the thing about it is you need the hope to get through the cycle with a positive attitude. It's hard, especially when it does come crashing down (failed IVF's do suck). But I will tell you, with this IVF I kept a very positive attitude and went with the flow. I really did try not to stress to much, and it worked. Do I really think that it makes a difference? No, not really, but if it helps you to get there, then it's worth it, right?? Good luck hang in there. I'm sorry that your MIL's cancer is really becoming real. that sucks. Big time. Big hugs.