1. The sore breasts are most likely the HCG trigger shot and the super high Estrogen you probaly had with so many follicles. I did not have any exceptional tiredness with Crinone, but yes it is a common side effect of Progesterone.

    The one thing I do want to mention - nobody told me and I learned the hard way - is that crinone tends to leave a deposit inside. Every couple of days you need to clean it out. I did not know, so after using it for 14 days and after my BFN I had horrible watery discharge and I thought I had a yeast infection but it was my body trying to get rid of al that that gunk. You may also see "chunks" fall out occassionally. Sorry TMI but since you have never used it I wanted to give you a heads up.

    Good luck on the fert report.

  2. That crinone is just nasty pure and simple. All of the stuff it leaks out and the balls of wax that you have to dig out. I also hated that its not detectable in a blood test since it goes straight to the area where its needed. Hope little embies are growing away. It is almost time to for transfer!

  3. I love the graphic about embryo development. I haven't seen that before and will now be stealing it!!

    Praying for your embryos and you!! I've enjoyed keeping up with your journey. It's kept my spirits up as we had to cancel our transfer due to OHSS. =/

    All the luck to you from Alabama!!