1. So excited to see the puppy pictures!! Yaaaa. So sorry that you have to go through the mess of getting another referral and be reminded of how long you've been working at this. Thinking of you dear. Praying that things go smoothly for this transfer!

  2. I am VERY hopeful that you will have success in the next 12 months. Fingers crossed!

    And in other news...how fun! I hope you have a fantastic time with the puppy and torturing your cats :)

  3. Cute! I am a totaly dog lover. Can't wait to see photos of your friend's doggie.

    Also, yay for the short wait for CD1! Us infertiles have to take the short waits when we can get them.

    1. *total (not totaly)

      (I wish Blogger would let us correct typos in the comments section - I hate it when I publish a typo.)