1. I'm glad you decided to stop going to the birth class. I wish we had done the same! I kept thinking that maybe THIS TIME we'd learn something helpful, something I hadn't already heard from a friend or read in a book. Nope. Pretty much a waste of money. And when I was in actual labor I learned a TON of stuff I wish they had mentioned in the class. Like exactly HOW to push out a baby. Where to focus my pushing efforts and how to relax the rest of my body (like my neck and face) while pushing. If you have a midwife (I think you do?) definitely spend some time having her go into detail on this. That being said, learning how to push is really only something you can learn in the moment, but having an idea of what to expect would have been helpful. I really strained my already-sensitive neck and shoulder blade muscles and it was super painful! (they don't have an epidural for that!)