1. Try having your husband give the bottle when you're out, I've heard that can help. I also have a lot of friends who breastfeed that swear by the Dr. Brown's bottles.

    He's adorable!

    1. Thanks Amanda, I'll have to see if these Dr Brown's are available in Australia :-)

  2. Hi - have been following your blog for the most part of my ivf journey and ended up being about 8 weeks behind you with our little boy. He is our second, his sister is now 3 & 1/2. There is a breastmilk only bottle made by Medela called Calma (about $30) but it's the closest thing to being breastfed. I know everyone has their own ideas about babies but a couple of things I have learned are - they are still really little and just want to be with you (baby carriers are amazing but need to have the 'M' leg shape eg. Ergo, Manduca), especially in the first 3 months. They go through really unsettled phases getting worse as they hit around 3 months mark, this is completly normal and part of their development. Breastfeeding to sleep is also completely normal at this stage, you will spend more energy trying to control baby's natural urges and it's easier on everyone just to go with it. I say this with going through all this stuff with my daughter first time round and after getting some really good advice along the way. Eddie is so cute and I can't wait till my little boy gets to his stage with eyes focusing and being so much more responsive! Enjoy this time, don't rush it - it goes quicker than you think :)