1. Do you swaddle him before you try to put him down without a feeding?

    1. He has a sleep sack that I put him in, but his arms are out. He's never liked having his arms locked in, even since being in hospital those first few days he always managed to wriggle his arms out.

  2. I hope the nurse can give you the support and ideas you need right now. I'm sorry your husband was short with you. I couldn't imagine trying to take care of an infant without the help of my mother and my sisters. I am so impressed with your commitment to breastfeeding. You are doing such a wonderful job!

  3. Good point about wrapping - swaddling/wrapping is a must! I think all babies are little Houdinis. Couldn't live without my stretchy zip up wraps - have a Woombie and just got an Ergo Coocoon Pouch and a summer one (have to be careful they don't get too hot). Breastfeeding to sleep is really OK at this age and I wouldn't worry too much about the feed play sleep thing - any combo is good. Unfortunately babies don't read these parenting books, maybe think of the info as general advice and don't treat them like a text book....