1. You are doing so so so great. We have the same frustrations.... x2!!! But I can say that at 2 1/2 it's easier to understand what the hell they want because now I can understand what they are saying (most of the time). And they can understanding my reasoning better. So as long as I explain why we're doing something or why they can't do what they want and then give them an alternative, usually that calms everything down. I felt like the 1s were not as hard as the first year, but still pretty damn hard. I'm liking 2 a lot more. It sounds like you guys are doing all the best things to create structure and routine to help him thrive. GREAT JOB MOM!

    1. Thanks Jules - I look forward to the time when communication is much more of a two-way-street with words. My hat still goes off to you for managing two of these little ones!