It wasn't quite a 'normal' road to parenthood, but this is the path that we walked to get where we are today...

The Beginnings

Jun 2002: A couple of Aussies met in London, UK
Sep 2003: Engaged in London, UK
May 2004: Married in a castle in Scotland, UK
Apr 2005: Moved to Melbourne, Australia
May 2005: I went off Birth Control. Not TTC, just not preventing.
Oct 2006: Dr diagnosed me with PCOS as the reason why AF only shows up every 5-6 months, and Chop had SA to begin fertility testing.

Discovering Infertility

Mar 2007: I had a blood test to find out more about fertility. It took 4 months to get appointment to find out results of our fertility tests, but the hospital couldn't find my bloodwork.They told me that Chop has extremely low sperm count, and we would need to do IVF if we wanted children. 
Mar 2007: After hearing that we would need IVF, we decide that neither of us are 100% certain we want children and IVF is only for people who are 100% [I always assumed that a pregnancy would be a surprise and then we'd have the decision made for us]. At the age of 27, I also felt too young to commit to becoming a mother with IVF. So we shelved the hole idea, and were happy with this decision.

Surprise Pregnancy + Miscarriage

Apr 2011: After 6 weeks of complaining to Chop that I had extremely sore breasts, my friend (a mother) suggested that I could be pregnant. Took a test and BFP! We were stunned. The Dr confirmed that I was 8 weeks pregnant.
May 2011: Miscarried 9 days after confirming the pregnancy [the day after Mother's Day]. I was 9 weeks and 3 days pregnant. During the MC, a sonogram identified a 7cm dermoid cyst on my left ovary that required surgical removal.
Jun 2011: Exactly 4 weeks after MC, I was in surgery having 7cm dermoid cyst removed from left ovary with a laproscopy. Luckily it was benign. Also had a hysteroscopy and was told that I no longer have PCOS; and all fertility equipment is in perfect working order again!
Sep 2011: Had our first appointment with Fertility Specialist to begin further testing to see where we are at now. Both of us were sent for bloodwork, and Chop for 2nd SA. His current SA has <5 million sperm, when they rate 20 million+ as normal.
Dec 2011: Results of second SA came back with less sperm than the first. The FS recommended IVF with ICSI, and referred Chop for an US on his testicles (just in case there's a more sinister reason for the lessening sperm count).


Jan 2012: IVF is back on the table, and hopefully starting mid-year...
Mar 2012: Completed and posted off our Police Record Check, Child Protection Order Check and IVF application forms.
17 Apr 2012: IVF Counselling Appointment and 'financials' discussion at the IVF Clinic.
22 May 2012: IVF 'Treatment Activation' appointment. Dr signed off our consent forms!
21 Jun 2012: Drug Collection Appointment prior to first IVF beginning.
22 Jun 2012: Begin Gonal F injections at 7pm (continue nightly until Mon 2nd July).
27 Jun 2012: Begin Orgalutran injections at 7am (continue daily until Tue 3rd July).
29 Jun 2012: Blood Test & internal U/S. 21 follicles (right ovary = 20, left ovary = 1).
2 Jul 2012: Blood Test & internal U/S. 23 follicles (right ovary = 21, left ovary = 2).
3 Jul 2012: 7pm Ovidrel injection (Trigger shot 38 hours prior to egg collection).
5 Jul 2012: 9am Egg Retrieval surgery. 11 eggs. ICSI/ HA (Male Factor Infertility)
6 Jul 2012: Told that 8 eggs were mature, 6 fertilised. C'mon EMBIES!! Grow!
10 Jul 2012: Day-5 Transfer of 1 embryo.
11 Jul 2012: Found out we have 2 frozen embryos!!
20 Jul 2012: Blood Test (first beta: hCG is 13. Not enough for the pregnancy to continue)
22 Jul 2012: Begin bleeding of 2nd miscarriage
25 Jul 2012: Blood Test (second beta: hCG is 0)

Cancelled Natural FET Cycle

28 Aug 2012: Appt with IVF nurse about natural FET
06 Sep 2012: Ultrasound on CD14 to check follicle growth 
08 Sep 2012: Ultrasound. Cycle cancelled. Ovulation occurred on CD10! 

Medicated FET (using 1st frozen embryo)

14 Sep 2012: Doc appointment to get prescription for medicated FET (Progynova)
15 Sep 2012: CD1. Begin meds for FET cycle. 1 oestrogen pill 3 times a day.
26 Sep 2012: Ultrasound to check lining development.
02 Oct 2012: Frozen Embryo Transfer
12 Oct 2012: Blood Test (first beta: 184). PREGNANT!!!!
18 Oct 2012: Blood Test (2nd beta: 2730)


02 Nov 2012: First ultrasound (at 7w1d)
23 Nov 2012: 10 week blood test (at 10w1d)
10 Dec 2012: 12 week ultrasound (at 12w4d)
19 Dec 2012: First midwife appointment at the hospital (health history/ pregnancy health)
07Jan 2012: Felt first movement in belly! A bubbly popping feeling (at 16w4d)
09 Jan 2013:
Second check-up at the hospital (at 16w6d)
20 Jan 2013: Felt kicks with my hands on my belly - not just felt on the inside!

30 Jan 2013: 18-20 week ultrasound (at 19w6d). Will baby be a boy or a girl??????
09 Feb 2013: Chop felt the baby kicking for the first time at about 12:30am.
13 Feb 2013: Third check-up at the hospital (at 21w6d)
18 Feb 2013: First ante-natal class at the hospital (at 22w4d)
25 Mar 2013: Glucose Test and Full Blood Draw (at 27w4d)
27 Mar 2013: Fourth check-up at the hospital (at 27w6d)
05 Apr 2013: 2nd Glucose Tolerance Test for 2.5 hours (at 29w1d)
15 Apr 2013: Ante-natal class at the hospital (at 30w4d)
17 Apr 2013: Fifth check-up at the hospital (at 30w6d).
22 Apr 2013: Ante-natal class at the hospital (at 31w4d). Did not attend.
24 Apr 2013: 32 Week Ultrasound to check if placenta has moved up into correct position
29 Apr 2013: Ante-natal class at the hospital (at 32w4d). Did not attend.
06 May 2013: Ante-natal class at the hospital (at 33w4d). Did not attend.
09 May 2013: Sixth check-up at the hospital (at 34w) - with a Doctor this time!
22 May 2013: 7th check-up at the hospital (at 35w6d)
25 May 2013: Baby Shower! (at 36w2d)
27 May 2013: FBE, GBS test, Ultrasound to see if baby still breech (at 36w4d)
05 Jun 2013: 8th check-up at the hospital (at 37w6d)
13 Jun 2013: 9th check-up at the hospital (at 39w)
18 Jun 2013: 10th check-up at the hospital (at 39w5d)
20 Jun 2013: Estimated Due Date of our baby boy! (at 40w)
25 Jun 2013: Doctor Appointment, CTG, stretch & sweep (at 40w5d). Induction booked on 1st July (would be 41w4d), unless he arrives sooner.
27 Jun 2013: CTG, Stretch/Sweep... labour begins later while in the cinema (at 41w)
28 Jun 2013: Labour continues for the full 24 hours of this date... (at 41w1d)
29 Jun 2013: Birth by emergency c-section (at 41w2d) after 32 hours of labour. Welcome EDDIE STONE! Let the fun begin :-D

One day I hope to be able to look back at all this craziness and maybe even show our child how much effort was put into creating his life!

x ali